Hindu Wedding Card Wordings Setting The Tone For A Catchy Invitation

Hindu Wedding Card Wordings

Hindu Wedding Card Wordings | Image Resource : cdn2.bigcommerce.com

You read a good novel and think about the story, sentences, etc. If you think about it then, the book is a hit. The credit goes to the novelist as he is able to create an impact and only when an impact is made you think about it. Good word combinations stay in mind and when you write something you use them. Well written pieces are admired and appreciated.

Right Words Render The Right Meaning

Think of this scenario that you are given two wedding invites with varying content. You read both and you reread the one which you like the best. The words or the style of writing would have captured your attention and you have the one which you like as keepsake. So use good content for Hindu wedding card wordings. Most of the time the wordings are selected from the samples.

Some cards have verses from the Gita and in some religious chants. This differentiates the Hindu wedding invite from the invite of other religions. Sometimes the symbol OM is used and sometimes the swastika is used. Swastika stands for prosperity and it is a symbolic representation in the wedding card.

Hindu Wedding Card Wordings Should Convey The Right Emotion

The inviting style followed is almost the same in wedding invites. Different set of words are used but convey the same meaning. Wordings in Hindu marriage invitations convey the emotion of the hosts. Hosts will like to share their happiness with the guests and that is why they invite the guests for the wedding. If you fail to use proper words then you may not be able to convey the emotions aptly. So choose the words diligently.

You can use phrases such as “It is our honour to have you for the occasion,” “It is our pleasure to have you amongst us” etc. A formal wedding invitation needs a formal inviting style and never use informal content in a formal wedding card. You need not be confused about the choice of the words as the designers will have samples of great variety and you can choose one from them. The wedding invite should appeal to the guests and if you concentrate on it you will end up getting a good card.


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