How To Choose Best Indian Wedding Card Sample?

Indian Wedding Card Sample

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Indian wedding cards are the initial effort while initiating a wedding plan. As a part of Indian tradition and culture, wedding cards are distributed just not only to distant friends and relatives, but for nearest and dearest family members as well.

Appreciable and unique Indian wedding card sample

In this relate, it’s quite tricky to choose suitable wedding card that is appreciable and unique. Let’s go through below mentioned aspects that would help in choosing suitable Indian wedding card sample that would be attractive as well as stunning without burning your pocket.


The very first thing to consider while designing a wedding card is the budget. Once you are confined with your budget, then it becomes much easier to design the style of card. There are plenty of wedding card designers and printers who provide wide array of choices for every type of budget. Budget be it low or high, Indian wedding card sample is available for the both the category. If you are satisfied with the sample, then you can go ahead with huge quantity printing.


This is the most discussed factor to consider while choosing Indian wedding cards. Some prefer simple and sophisticated designs; whereas others like to have complicated and vibrant designs. The typical Indian wedding cards comprise of elaborate designs with traditional color. Some of the religious wedding cards also have spiritual pictures on the top of the wedding cards.


Size of the marriage invitation also plays a vital role addition to font size and font style that is supposed to be used on the card. A small wedding card may not be able to include all the essential details with perfect clarity, whereas an oversized wedding card looks awkward. So, it’s essential to have clarity over the wedding card size and font to get right one.

What Colors should be chosen for Indian wedding cards?

By considering the Indian culture and tradition, Indian marriage cards are designed using spectacular and vibrant colors like red, green, yellow, orange and saffron. These colors are considered to be auspicious symbolizing Indian culture, tradition, passion, energy and fertility. Certain colors like white, grey and black are strictly prohibited to use in Indian wedding cards considering it to be auspicious. Anyways, they are blended with other colors to give an attractive appearance. Preferably, vibrant and bright colors are used in the Indian wedding cards for several auspicious reasons.


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