How To Make Glass Polishing Additives At Home?

 Glass Polishing Additives

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We all know that the additives which are used in the glass are very helpful as they clean the glass in a better way and also make it look shinier. Hand in hand with the powders, they have changed the definition of glass cleaning.

Though this new technology of additives have made a great move in the cleaning process, it is not affordable by everyone. The benefits obtained from these glass polishing additives are huge in number so everyone wants to enjoy the benefit. But the question is that how this problem can be solved. In this article we will come up with various materials which are very cheap to buy and acts the same as the additives used in cleaning the glasses.

Materials used as an alternative of glass polishing additives

Vinegar: it is present at home and is considered as an anti-bacterial. It is able to kill and eliminate many germs which are also not possible by the normal cleaning chemicals. So by mixing distilled vinegar with water and polishing the glasses with this mixture will definitely show clear results.

Non-gel toothpaste: gel toothpaste is a great alternative of the additives used in glass polishing. To polish this gel with a cloth after cleaning will definitely bring you results.

Metal polish: metal polish is used to clean the scratches. They are also used as additives and they clean the glasses efficiently and make it shinier.

How these home-made glass polishing additives are helpful?

These home-made glass polishing additives like vinegar, non-gel toothpaste is very easy to get and is also a lot cheaper. They are easily available and after cleaning the glass with a cloth or sponge from top to bottom, applying this will show better results and you will be able to get same results in a lot cheaper cost.


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